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British National Curriculum

1-5 years old

Elementary School

British National Curriculum

5-10 years old

Secondary School

British National Curriculum

10-17 years old

Cambridge A 'Level

British National Curriculum

17-19 years old

  • About Rosebud

    At Rosebud, our focus is an institution where academic curriculum is top-class, service-based and value driven with an overarching emphasis on human development from a total man concept and entrepreneurial development base.

    About Rosebud
  • Meet the Proprietress

    Mrs. C.F Aderogba, the Proprietress, is at the heart of the divine success story behind the founding of the Rosebud School. She is a woman called to serve with excellence as her watch word. She has a great passion for education and a brighter future for Nigeria.

    Meet the Proprietress
  • Our Story

    What began as a day-care centre has, like the proverbial acorn, grown into a mighty oak with its branches spreading to and having an influence that spans the continents of Africa and Europe. Rosebud School offers the Nigerian, British and American curricula. The Rosebud Kiddies School, comprising the Nursery/Primary Section took off in September, 2006.

    Our Story



    The school policy is to give 10% discount on tuition for the second child, 12.5% on third and 15% on the fourth child.

    Extra Curricular

    Functioning clubs and societies are available in the school. For smooth and efficient running, clubs and societies