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About Us

About Rosebud School

At Rosebud, our focus is an institution where academic curriculum is top-class, service-based and value driven with an overarching emphasis on human development from a total man concept and entrepreneurial development base. Our focus as a school is to build a world-class. Institution that will be the pride of Africa as well as take its place in the league of Colleges on the global platform, hence, our affiliation to the prestigious University of Cambridge for AS and A level programmes.

Our Story

What began as a day-care centre has, like the proverbial acorn, grown into a mighty oak with its branches spreading to and having an influence that spans the continents of Africa and Europe. Rosebud School offers the Nigerian, British and American curricula. The Rosebud Kiddies School, comprising the Nursery/Primary Section took off in September, 2006. The assertion by Aristotle, that “whoever opens a school door, closes the door to a prison”, triggered the founders’ unquenchable thirst to educate the youths further by opening wide the gates of the secondary arm, Rosebud College, in 2008 to welcome its first set of students into JSS 1 and JSS 2.

Since the admission of its first set of students, the school has gained a reputation for academic excellence, including inculcating the right values in its students and equipping them for life.

 Knowing that change is the only constant thing in life, the school has consistently updated itself to stay abreast of education best practice by constantly producing students who have performed astonishingly well in their various fields of endeavor. The quality of education offered in Rosebud School is evident in the school’s resolve to add craft and other creative activities to the school’s curriculum with little or no cost. Both information and communication Technology[ICT] and vocational skills are integral part of learning in Rosebud School. The school believes that learning is an unbroken activity that is continued throughout an individual’s life. Education, therefore, should foster independent thinking, exploration and experimentation as a life – longprogress.

Meet the Proprietress

Mrs. C.F Aderogba, , is at the heart of the divine success story behind the founding of the Rosebud School. She is a woman called to serve with excellence as her watch word. She has a great passion for education and a brighter future for Nigeria.

An unassuming and humility typified woman, her open door policy, motherly affection benevolent nature, coupled with an indomitable spirit and love for children and youths are some of the qualities that endear her to children, staff and parents.

This is why all and sundry give her the name “Mummy”. She is oftenheard saying that, “In training a child to inculcate in him a sense of excellence in achieving greater heights, in making an impact in world around him in any field of his choice, a teacher must be able to make every effort to do what leads to peace and mutual edification in the society, thereby, building a strong nation”. An educationist and teacher, whose teaching experience spans over three decades, Mrs. Aderogba is a spiritual mentor with many educational merit awards at her disposal. Her knack for servant – leaders style of administration with the passion to do what leads to peace and mutual edification has always been the key to the school’s success story.

Our Vision

The vision of the founders is to raise a generation of unequalled children chosen and destined for greatness. The school is committed to raising brilliant, highly educated, innovative leaders to whom God will reveal the secrets of His wealth that are hidden in every field of human Endeavour. These leaders will be part of the change the world need, and they will represent  the dawn of a new day. Rosebud school is one of the institutions destined to raise children of excellent that would become morally upright and spiritually filled teachers of tomorrow.

Our Mission

The mission of the school is to offer a programme which is sufficiently wide ranging and  challenging via a  human development and total man concept driven curriculum, employing  innovative vocational training, teaching and  learning method which are in tandem  with best educational practices, research and professional  services that promote  integrated life transforming  education  relevant  to the context and science, technology  and human capacity building. These will ultimately produce civilized, responsible and disciplined children who will become honorable citizens equipped to cope  with  the  diversities of the  world  around  them. At Rosebud, we have a mission to catch young minds  from the cradle and  nurture them through the precarious age of adolescence to the point, where they will be able to know the ‘right from the wrong’

Our Philosophy

The mission of the school is to offer a programme which is sufficiently wide-ranging and  challenging  via a  human development and total man concept  driven curriculum, employing  innovative  vocational training, teaching and  learning  method which are in  tandem  with best educational practices,  research and professional   services   that  promote  integrated  life-transforming  education   relevant   to  the   context  and science, technology  and   human  capacity building.  These  will ultimately  produce civilized,  responsible  and  disciplined  children  who will  become  honourable  citizens   equipped  to  cope  with  the  diversities  of the  world  around  them. At Rosebud, we have a mission to catch young minds  from  the  cradle and  nurture  them through the precarious age of adolescence to the point, where they will be able to know the ‘right from the wrong’

Our Objectives

  • To provide an atmosphere which is conducive to the achievement of academic excellence.
  • To  equip  the  children   with  skills  on  precision  in  cognitive  perception,  thought  processes  and  expression, as  well  as  the  development of their  own  individual  talents.
  • As  Malcom  Forbes  enthused, “ A  man  who enjoys  responsibility usually  gets  it  while  a  man  who  usually  likes  exercising  authority  loses  it”. Rosebud school is committed to inculculating a sense of responsibility in our students. We expect them to respond to issues as demanded not as convenient. We believe in the spirit of responsibility for effective leadership.
  • To ensure that each child achieves his or her potential in all areas via excursions, industrial training/attachment, vocational training etc.
  • To provide leadership skills to our students for them to contribute to the development of their country and gain relevance in the world.
  • As a learning community, committed to academic excellence, we are to ensure that all our staff members receive continuous staff development to improve their standards and keep them at the forefront of educational thinking/standard practices through seminars, workshops, resource persons, exchange programmes with globally recognized institutions.

Our Focus

At Rosebud, our focus is an institution where academic curriculum is top-class, service-based and value driven  with an overarching emphasis on human development from a total man concept and entrepreneurial development  base. Our focus as a school is to build a world-class. Institution  that will be the pride of Africa as well  as  take  its  place in the league of Colleges on the global platform, hence, our affiliation to the prestigious University of Cambridge  for  AS and  A level  programmes.

Our Core Values

Since we are dedicated to providing, for our future leaders, opportunities that will enable them to achieve their highest mental, physical and moral potentials, we have the following as our core values:

  1. Quality of Character

A school of thought notes that beauty doesn’t ultimately consist in physical outlook but in character. The implication of this is that the quality of an individual’s character goes a long way to mark him or her out as a responsible personality in his or her community. There is no contending the truth that our society is this bad because there is obviously a crisis of good character. Given this reality, one doesn’t need to be amazed any longer as to why vices outnumber virtues in our society. For us to play our role in puncturing the big baloon of waywardness which pervades all strata of our society, we encourage out students, through exemplary leadership, to arm themselves with quality of character. This, we believe, will make them shine in the midst of darkness anywhere they find themselves.


  1. Hardwork

We at Rosebud School subscribe, quite strongly, to the view that God, our creator, is a graphic illustration of the value of hardwork. He exuded this winsome value when He had to work for six consecutive days before He decided to rest on the seventh day. Hardwork, we believe, helps in bringing wholesome success on the path of humans. Francis Bacon once affirmed, “I will work hard; then opportunity will come”. We do our utmost in drawing the attention of our students to various icons who are worthy models in the terrain of hardwork. We stress the benefits that are associated with the value of hardwork.


  1. Creativity

Creativity has been defined in diverse ways by scholars based on their chosen interests. Andrew Horwitz, a specialist in art and cultural strategies, defined creativity as the art of dreaming or as the ability to harness artistic imagination and vision to effectively implement unexpected, innovative ideas. To us at Rosebud School, the importance of crativity in relation to global development can never be underestimated. It is unfortunate to see most nations suffer serious setbacks today because thinking heads refuse to manifest. Where creativity is missing, all the indices of backwardness will constitute a normal feature. Our students are exposed to a number of productive processes that help in bringing out the best in them. We make them rest assured that whatever they can dream or create, as Aristotle said, they can achieve.


  1. Pursuit of Excellence

In our school, we do not suffer mediocrity gladly. Our position is that an individual must strive towards attaining the height of excellence in whatever area his or her interest lies. This is why we try our best at not only celebrating excellence but also enshrining it. While we, as a school, have been celebrated by different organisations and bodies on account of excellence, we have equally succeeded in celebrating people {Our students inclusive} on the grounds of excellence. We instil the value of excellence in our students, using the means of established motivational speakers who are drawn from all walks of life. To spur our students into a tireless pursuit of excellence, we always leave them with this remark, “That you are classmates today doesn’t mean you will end up as mates tomorrow. Excellence shows the difference”.


  1. Can-do-it Spirit

Given that our God is never identified with impossibility, we at Rosebud School, have never shared the pessimistic view that certain things are quite impossible for humans to achieve. This is because we know pretty sure that where there is a will, there is indubitably a way. We do tell our students, as much as we can, that the success story of how our school was founded could have been elusive today if the founders’ passion had not been ruled be can-do-it-spirit. The moment an individual believes very strongly that he or she cannot achieve a goal, he or she is already a candidate in the examination hall of failure. We try to inspire confidence in our students, making them believe that with God, all things are possible.


  1. Love and Care

Love, genuine love, is considered one of the most appealing values needed to keep our world moving. Relationship thrives on the canvas of Love. When there is love, peace reigns. The crisis of love has sparked off a number of crises in our society. In view of the foregoing, we, at Rosebud School, see much sense in propagating the value of love as well as making love spread among our students. We educate them so that they can be seen as loving God when they love their neighbours. We also tell them that all killings, maimings and other inhuman acts manifesting in our society are never borne out of love. To us, being one’s brother’s keeper is a virtue that all humans need to possess that all may care for one another.

Rosebud Advisory Board

Engr. Aderogba, Buraimoh Kunle is a retired Permanent Secretary in the service of Oyo State. He is the President of Rosebud Schools and Chief Executive Officer of AROPEB engineering consult. He trained as an engineer in College of Engineering of the University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA. He obtained B.Sc. (Mining Engineering), B.Sc. (Civil and Environmental Engineering). He is also a holder of Master of Business Administration (MBA). He is a corporate member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers and he is also registered with the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN). He is an accomplished engineer, an administrator and entrepreneur.  He is married with children.




Mr Okesola, A. Olabamji is a legal practitioner in the Chambers of A. O. Okesola and Co. He has acquired many years of experience in public, corporate and private legal practice. He attended the University of Ife now Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and the Nigerian Law School, Lagos. He was called to bar in 1979. He is a holder of LLB and BL. He started his legal practice in the Oyo State Ministry of Justice and rose to the post of Principal State Counsel in the Civil Litigation and Advisory Services Department. He later moved to the corporate world as a corporate lawyer. He retired to private practice in 1998. He is married with children


Mr Adeniran, F. A. is a Senior Principal Lecturer (Statistics) and current Deputy Rector of the Polytechnic, Ibadan. He had earlier served as Head of Department of Mathematics and Statistics. He obtained B.Sc. (Statistics) and M.Sc. (Economics) from the University of Ibadan. He is a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (MNIM) and a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Public Administration (FCPA). He is a senior member of Education Research Council, Lagos. Mr Adebisi Adeniran is married and the marriage is blessed with children.


Alhaji Okunade H. A. is a retired Permanent Secretary (School and Administration) in the service of Oyo State. He was born in 1952. He attended the University of Ife now Obafemi Awolow University, Ile-Ife and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture in 1979. He is also a holder of Post Graduate Diploma (Education), Diploma in Banking and Finance and Diploma in Computer studies from the University of Ibadan and LAUTECH, Ogbomosho respectively. He started his career in education as a class teacher and rose through the ranks to reach the post of director. He was later appointed Permanent Secretary. Alhaji Okunade, H.A. has performed the Holy Pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. He is married with children.