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Rosebud's Facilities


Rosebud School is located in a serene part of the city of Ibadan undisturbed by the hustle and bustle typical of city life. Rosebud School is divided into three main areas: the school compound which comprises the primary and secondary, ‘A’ level block and residential compound which houses the male and female hostels built apart. The hostels are being superintended by guardians in the mould of experienced house parents who are directly responsible for the welfare of the students in the hostel. These house parents who relate to each child one on one and are constantly looking out for their personal needs. The hostels are designed to provide home away from home comfort with top class recreational facilities.

Rosebud schools are situated in the school compound on an expensive acres of land consisting of integrated blocks of aesthetically conditioned classroom and modern teaching facilities such as interactive white boards, a large stately assembly hall and a central administrative block. The spatial complex is purposely designed to provide a conducive environment for learning and creativity.

The school also boasts of well equipped science laboratories (both in the primary and secondary sections), the computer laboratory with twenty five units of flat screen computer system with constant internet access and a very heavy duty generating set to complement electricity supply from inadequate power holding corporation of Nigeria. A multi – purpose playing court with pavilion and an Olympic sized football pitch, home economics laboratories and technical drawing room in their state – of – art, are just a few of the facilities that the school has. There is also an enabling environment for the teaching of social and professional courses. Well equipped libraries and access to a wealth of electronic resources are investments by the school to enhance students’ learning.

Sporting Facilities

Science Laboratories

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